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Learn the Web - All You Need to Know to Get Started
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Learn how to use your new computer and navigate on the world wide web - How To tutorials for Internet newbies. Learn the web, step-by-step.
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Internet History
 About the Internet
 World Wide Web
Web Lingo
 Common Acronyms
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Getting Connected
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 Mobile Services
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 VOIP Telephone
 Wireless Service
Computer Safety
 For Children
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 Identity Theft
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Computer Care
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 Back Ups
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 Disk Cleanup
 Privacy Settings
 Remove Viruses
All About Email
 Get Email Address
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 Images in Email
 Make Email Links
 Read Email
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How To Tutorials
 Add Fonts
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 Clear Cache
 How to Search
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 Set Home Page
Find Things
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 Web Browsers
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 i Pods
 Mobile Phones
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Build a Website
 Domain Names
 Basic CSS
 Basic HTML
 Content Mgmt.
 Hire a Coder
 Hire Web Designer
 Statistics Tracking
 Web Design Tips
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Go Shopping
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Make Money
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Are you new to the Internet?

Looking for a starting place where a raw newbie can learn the web, outlined step-by-step to lead you through the maze of information and mystifying web terminology, written in plain English? Don't know who to ask, where to go, what to do, or how to do it? Never fear, we've already heard all the dumb questions, have asked many of them ourselves, and know the answers to most of them.

We were uninformed newbies ourselves, once long, long ago, and we still remember how hard it was to stumble along the Internet Information Highway without a guide. We're here to help you shorten that learning curve considerably. Before you know it, you'll be a computer geek, too. You can find the answers to all the basic things you need to know to learn the web and navigate it here. We believe no question is a dumb question if you need to know. So go ahead, and ask. We promise, we won't even snicker (at least not in front of you).

Come and discover how the Internet works. Learn how to send email and share photos. Find out where you can get great software. Learn the secrets of search engines and how to shop online safely. Have your questions answered and problems solved. Learn The Web was created for those who want to know just the basics. This guide will provide you with enough knowledge to have fun on the Internet, yet will not bore you with too many details. If you were looking for more in-depth information, check out our sister sites, BuildAWebEmpire.com and HostIt4You.com for more advanced computer tutorials and Internet guides.

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